L010377 PERSONAL GROUPING "Feldwebel Adolf Voß."

This grouping consists of three award documents along with their badges, documents and photograph album, along with numerous loose photographs.

1. Iron Cross 2nd Class Award document and medal with envelope. The award is dated for "25.5, 1944" to "Unteroffizier Adolf Voß" while he was with "1. (F)/124" which was a long range reconnaissance squadron based in Kirkines, Norway until September 1944. The unit flew Ju88D and Ju188 planes. The award is signed by General der Fliger Julius Schulz. Included is a typewritten letter signed by General der Fliger Julius Schulz, also dated for May 25, 1944 that congratulates Adolf Voß on his receiving the Iron Cross 2nd Class. The 1939 pattern, Iron Cross is a die struck, three piece, iron and alloy construction Pattée style cross with a single piece iron core and a two piece alloy frame. The obverse features an embossed, high relief, central, canted, swastika with the re-institution date, "1939", to the bottom arm. The reverse bottom arm has the embossed original institution date, "1813". The swastika is in nice high relief while the dates are somewhat lower. The medal loop and ribbon suspension ring are both intact. Maker marked "3" for Wilhelm Deumer of Lüdenscheid. The cross comes complete with a piece of original ribbed rayon ribbon. Also included is the paper envelope that is also marked to the reverse "Wilhelm Deumer, Lüdenscheid. The envelope has a tear with a small hole to the front and overall general wear, but a great matched item!

2. Air Gunner award document and cased award. The award was issued on August 16, 1943 to "Unteroffizer Adolf Voß" with the appropriate signatures to the document. The die struck zinc alloy construction badge with silver wash is in the form of a nicely convexed, vertically oval wreath with laurel leaves to the left side and oak-leaves to the right side with a swastika superimposed to the bottom center. Mounted on the wreath is a highly vaunted, stylized eagle in flight clutching dual lightening bolts in its talons. The eagle is secured to the wreath by two small dome headed rivets which are visible on the reverse. The eagles wing tips extend just beyond the outer edge of the wreath. The badge shows nice quality detailing including a cut-out to the top arm of the swastika and additional cut-outs to the lightening bolts. Complete with original hinge, pin and catch assembly . The reverse of the eagle is well marked with the impressed manufacturer Assmann. The badge comes housed in a pressed cardboard and wood issue case. The top lid has golden Gothic Script "Bordfunkerabz". Reverse of case has a staggered, internal bar, magnetic hinge and obverse of case has a magnetic spring loaded locking button. Interior of case has a Royal blue lining to top lid and a dark blue velvet lining to bottom with cut-out recess to secure the badge in place. The case measures approximately 77mm x 85mm x 24mm.

3. Iron Cross 1st Class award document with cased award that was awarded on the last day of the war to "Felwebel Adolf Voß" on May 9, 1945 and bears the signature of Generalleutnant Ernst-August Roth. The 1939 pattern, die struck, three piece, iron and nickel/silver plated alloy construction Pattée style cross with a single piece iron core and a two piece alloy frame features to the front, an embossed, central, canted, swastika with the re-institution date, "1939", to the bottom arm. The swastika stands out in nice, high relief while the date is somewhat lower. The plain reverse has a soldered, block type hinge, a broad, tapering vertical pin and a heavy soldered catch all intact with the number "26" which represents B.H. Mayer, Pforzheim. The cross comes housed in a roughly, 70mm square, 16mm thick, wood and pressed cardboard construction issue case with a simulated, grained, black leather covering. The top of the case has an impressed, silvered outline of an Iron Cross to the center. The fold back top lid has a magnetic, staggered, internal bar hinge to the reverse and a magnetic, spring loaded, closure button to the obverse. Both the hinge and the closure button still function, but the right facing side panels are slightly out of place. The interior of the top lid of the case is lined in white satin with an underlying padding.

4. A Reconnaissance, Air/sea Rescue & Meteorological Clasp in Silver that is die struck, two piece, zinc construction clasp. The clasp is in the form of a central, circular, laurel leaf wreath, with a static swastika superimposed to the bottom center, encompassing a left profile, stylized eagles head. The clasp has three, overlapping, parallel rows of oak-leaves extend horizontally outward from either side of the central wreath. The central stylized eagles head is secured to the clasp by a single, small, dome headed rivet which is visible on the reverse. The solid reverse of the clasp has a soldered, solid type hinge a broad, tapering, horizontal pin and a heavy soldered catch all intact. The reverse is well marked with the impressed manufacturers logo and initials consisting of an inverted three leaf clover, (club), with an initial to each leaf, "BSW" indicating manufacture by Brüder Schneider A. G. Of Wien. Faint remains of the silver remains to the reverse.

5. The last items are a NSFK Werkstattdatenbuch (Handbook) with the owners name to the front cover. The handbook was issued in 1922 with some handwritten details including hours logged for 1938-1939. Also included is a Deutsch Französisch (German/French) Soldaten Sprachführer (Soldier's Guide) that shows heavy usage and wear, but appears to be intact. The last item is a 24cm x 18cm photograph album consisting of 32 pages with 3 pictures per page. A 18cm x 12cm black and white group photograph is included, as well as 54 loose black and white and post war colour photographs that range in size from 6cm x 6cm up to 10.5cm x 7cm and one postcard that is written upon. Mr. Voss enjoyed flying as a hobby postwar.

A wonderful grouping that is worthy of further research!!

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