L009682 ARMY FORESTRY SERVICE COLLAR TABS. (Kragenspiegel für Heeres Forst Dienst)

BACKGROUND: The use of collar ornamentation on military uniforms was utilized by numerous assorted nations with the main function being the indication of the wearer’s rank and/or branch of service. The German army had a tradition, dating from the 1700's, of maintaining a separate branch of Administrative Officials attached to the army to oversee all administrative functions, thus freeing up active army Officers and allowing them to concentrate on actual military matters. The Officials were responsible for a wide variety of administrative tasks from Court Martial, Librarian, Supply, Technical and Meteorological Services, to School, Barracks, and Hospital administration. Most Officials careers consisted of four varying grades, of high, elevated, medium and low grade with slightly differing identifying insignia for each grade. The grade of the career was determined by the education and/or the experience of the individual. Originally the uniformed Officials were allotted an identifying dark green branch of service color, (waffenfarbe), with a nebenfarbe, (secondary color), to indicate their actual career. Regulations of March 21ST 1940, replaced the assorted nebenfarbe colors with a secondary color of light grey for all Officials regardless of career or function. Forestry and hunting in Germany enjoys a long, illustrious history and tradition that continues to the present day. On July 8TH 1933 Hermann Göring was appointed as Reichsforst und Jägermeister, (National Forestry and Hunting Master), as head of the, Reichsforstamt, (National Forestry Department), in charge of administration of all aspects of forestry and hunting including the development, maintenance and conservation of all the forests and wild game within Germany. The Reichsforstamt was sub-divided into four main departments of; Gemeinde Forst Dienst, (General Forestry Service), Privat Forst Dienst, (Private Forestry Service), Heeres Forst Dienst, (Army Forestry Service), and the Luftwaffe Forst Dienst, (Air-force Forestry Service). Each of the four main departments of the Forestry Service were responsible for forested areas and wild life that fell under their direct control and with the Army Forestry Service that primarily consisted of training and exercise areas. All four of the main forestry departments followed the directives and regulations as laid out by the National Forestry Department. Although the Heeres Forst Verwaltung, (Army Forest Administration), later re-designated, Heeres Forst Dienst, (Army Forestry Service), was classed as an Administrative branch of the army the service clothing and insignia were a departure from the uniforms and insignia as worn by other army Administrative personnel. Personnel serving in all four of the forestry departments were allotted service clothing with unique insignia with minor variations. Regulations of the National Forestry Department dated April 22ND 1938 introduced new service clothing items and insignia and the four forestry departments all followed suit shortly afterwards. The new, (circa 1938), service clothing and insignia items were utilized for the duration of the war. Of Note: The Heeres Forst Dienst position of Revierförster, was an elevated career, which required at least a high school education and two or three years of practical training and the position was equivalent to the army rank of Oberleutnant.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Light grey wool construction collar tabs feature two, hand embroidered, oak-leaf clusters. Piped in silver wire.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $50.00

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