L009481 AIR RAID WARNING SERVICE CUFFTITLE. (Luftschutzwarndienst Ärmelstreifen)

BACKGROUND: As early as 1928 the German’s had established a civilian Flugmeldedienst, (Air Reporting Service), to observe and record all aircraft flying over German territory. Originally the Flugmeldedienst was under the control of the Reichspostministerium, (National Postal Ministry), to obscure the potential military employment of such a service. After Hitler’s ascension to power in January 1933 control of the Flugmeldedienst, was transferred to the RLM, Reichsluftfahrtministerium, (National Ministry of Aviation), under Hermann Göring as a sub-section of the Luftwaffe. In May 1937 the Flugmeldedienst was redesignated, LSW, Luftschutzwarndienst, (Air Raid Warning Service), and was responsible for observation and analysis of all aircraft in German skies, and the eventual sounding of air raid warning alarms to alert the general public and the assorted civil air defense organizations of air raids. The LSW worked in close cooperation with the police and the other civil air defense organizations and were also responsible for sounding the "all clear" signal. In 1941 the Luftwaffe the Luftnachrichten Helferinnenschaft, (Corps of Women Signals Auxiliaries), was incorporated into the LSW. For a short period of time all LSW personnel wore an identifying cufftitle on the lower left sleeve of the uniform but it was eventually only utilized by non-uniformed female personnel before being discontinued in mid to late 1940.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Full length, woven green rayon construction cufftitle with machine woven Gothic script, "L.S. Warndienst", (Air Raid Warning Service), in silver/grey rayon threads. The top and bottom edges of the cufftitle have interwoven rows of reinforcement stitching and both ends have dual-ply machine stitched seams.

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $149.00

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