L007277 WINTER FLIGHT JACKET. (Flieger-Jacke)

BACKGROUND: Development of protective flight uniforms and equipment began with the advent of military aircraft in WWI and continued on into the Weimar and the Third Reich eras, resulting in three distinct one-piece combination pattern flight suits being approved before WWII and worn for the duration of the war. Regulations of July 4TH 1940 and April 24TH 1941 introduced two piece protective flight suits for fighter pilots designed to increase the wearers mobility and not be as restrictive in the close confines of a cockpit. The two piece flight suits consist of separate jacket and pants and was commonly referred to as the "Kanalanzug", (Channel Uniform).

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Blue/grey, ribbed rayon/cotton blend construction fully lined, waist length, winter flight jacket with a large, chocolate brown fleece, lay down collar. The jacket features a vertical, front, zipper closure with dual, "Prym", snap closures at the horizontal laid, ribbed cotton twill, waistline and a small, extended, horizontal leather tab with a snap closure at the neckline. The jacket is roughly size 34" chest. Jacket shows allot of period wear and use with some various patch repairs to the worn parts.

GRADE *** 1/2                             PRICE $995.00

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