L005180 FLIGHT TROOPS "STANDARD" DESK FLAG. (Spielzeug Standarte)

BACKGROUND: On March 16TH 1936, one year to the day, after the reintroduction of conscription Adolf Hitler announced the revival of the Imperial German Army’s tradition of bestowing unit Standards, (Colors), as a symbol to perpetuate the lineage of the newly forming Wehrmacht with that of the Imperial German Army. Most of the new Standards were designed by the renown German artist Paul Casberg who incorporated many of the Imperial Standards emblems with the inclusion of the NSDAP’s swastika and the branch of service base coloration. The first Standards were bestowed by Generaloberst Hermann Göring to twelve Luftwaffe units on April 21ST 1936. On September 14TH 1936 at the Reichsparteitage, (National Party Day), held in Nürnberg the first army unit Standards were bestowed by Generaloberst und Oberbefehlshaber des Heeres Werner Freiherr von Fritsch to sixteen assorted army units. Further bestowal of unit Standards continued through-out the pre-war years but they were discontinued, with a few exceptions, after the outbreak of the war. This miniature toy example was in likelihood either a "gift" from the annual WHW ,Winterhilfswerk, (Winter Assistance Work), charitable donation event of the, or an item to commemorate the annual Armed Forces Day. The miniature toy Standard is quite a precise replica of the actual unit Standard.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly 14cm square "Standard" desk flag. The Standard features a central Luftwaffe style eagle encompassed by a horizontally oval laurel leaf wreath with rays emanating outwards to all four corners with recessed canted swastikas to each corner. The top bottom and fly outer edges of the Standard have the appropriate fringe trim. Neat item.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $395.00

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