L003661 AIRCRAFT MEDICAL POUCH WITH CONTENTS. (Sanitätstasche für Flugzeuge mit Inhalt)

BACKGROUND: The OKL, Oberkommando der Luftwaffe, (High Command of the Air-Force), was the responsible authority for all operational aspects of the Luftwaffe and regulations dictated that all operational aircraft be equipped with a special survival/emergency kit bag. The contents of the survival/emergency kit bags depended on the size of the aircraft and crew, the duration/distance of the flight and also took into consideration any special terrain, (water, desert, etc.), that the aircraft would be required to fly over. Generally the survival/emergency bags would contain, signaling devices such as radio transmitters, mirrors, flags, flashlights and flare pistols, a machete and entrenching tool, cutlery and a field stove, rations and potable water, and basic medical supplies. A member of an aircraft’s crew would be assigned to maintain the contents of the survival/emergency bag and the medical supplies were drawn from the attached medical unit.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 6" tall, 6" wide, 2 3/4" thick, rubberized grey fabric construction aircraft medical pouch with an internal, pressed tan cardboard frame, sheet metal, field-grey canvas web and black leather fittings. The pouch features a fold over, top flap, with a pointed, forward tip, with a riveted on front closer strap. The front of the pouch is well marked with the red printed, international red cross symbol, the black printed designation, "Sanitätstasche für Flugzeuge", (Medical Pouch for Aircraft), and additional script that includes, "Werk. Nr., and "Anforderungszeichen: S10011", (Requisition number S10011). The top edge of the fold over, top flap also has a riveted on, field-grey canvas web carrying handle and the reverse of the pouch has two, evenly spaced, stitched on, horizontal rubberized fabric belt loops. When in the open position the top flap has integral, folding, triangular, side panels to protect the contents. The interior of the pouch has a stitched on, white fabric sheet with black printed script that includes, "Verwundete müssen bis zur Landung das Höhenatemgerät benutzen!", (Wounded {personnel}, must use the high-altitude respirator, {Oxygen Mask}, on landing!), "Inhaltsverzeichnis:", (Table of Contents:), "2 Verbandpäckchen, groß", (2 Field Dressings, Large), "4 Verbandpäckchen, klein", (4 Field Dressings, Small), "1 Abschnürbinde aus Stoff", (1 Cloth Tourniquet ), "1 komb. Preßtück", (1 Combined Compression Piece), "1 Kleiderschere", (1 Garment scissors), "12 Sicherheitsnadeln", (12 Safety Pins), "1 Verbandtuch", (1 Cloth Bandage), "25 cm Schnellverband", (25 Centimeters Quick Surgical Dressing), and, "1 Tube Borsalbe", (1 Tube Boric Ointment). The sheet also has additional black printed script, "Ergänzung erfolgt durch den Truppenarzt", (Replenish issue through the Troop Physician). All of the content look to be complete (scissors, dressings etc). Superb condition, would be hard to upgrade. Unique, seldom encountered, aircraft medical pouch.

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