Cutout from a larger piece of fabric. The cross section was salvaged - likely from a wrecked aircraft that sat outside for a time and became weathered/badly damaged. Along with the cross are two strips of the original fabric from the plane. One strip shows the standard reddish-coloured canvas that was used to cover airframes and a piece of the silver painted fabric that formed the background for the Balkenkreuz. The cross itself is a "7/8th" surviving sample - with a bit of one arm missing. This happened often and depended upon how easy (and often the quickest way) it was to remove the cross - or what was left of it. The cross is one of the narrow-white trim style and is likely an earlier fuselage marking. Later on the crosses were altered to allow for a wide white trim between the actual cross and the outside black border trim. The piece measures 23 " x 18" (the one arm where some of the cross is missing). In place of the missing piece - a rather professionally painted fill-in section has been added to the display panel. With that piece in place - the cross is intact. The original section has been adhered to the silver-painted art board by way of two-sided art tape and is easily removed, should the buyer decide to do so. The overall size of the art board silver-painted backer is 29" square. The silver background colour was included to replicate the original silver-coloured aircraft covering. Each of the two pieces of original fabric removed from the same plane are mounted on a separate piece of art board - measure approx. 2"/3" wide x 18" in length. These early narrow-trim crosses are a lot more difficult to find.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $450.00

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