L00154 AIRCRAFT TACHOMETER. (Luftfahrzeug Drehzahlmesser) 

BACKGROUND: The tachometer was a basic piece of an aircraft’s instrumentation and was used to measure the rotation speed of the engine in RPM’s, (Revolutions per Minute). This example was used in Ar79, AR96, Bu181, Fi156C and FW190A7-9.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 3 1/4" diameter, 2 3/4" deep, black painted, tooled alloy construction gear driven tachometer with no "red-line" indicator. The tachometer has a protective clear glass face with an underlying black, clock like face with numerals running from "6" to "36", with the numerals running in increments of fours with individual line indicators and a single, movable speed indicating hand. The numerals ever second individual line indicator and the single hand all have a luminous white finish although they have lost their luminescence. The face of the tachometer also has a luminous white marking, "U/min x 100", indicating, Umdrehung/minute x 100, (Revolutions Per Minute x 100), which means the tachometer measured from 600 to 3,600 revolutions per minute. The face of the tachometer also has additional impressed markings which include the manufacturers logo, "Original Bruhn", "W.63721", indicating the work number, and, "Fl. 20222-3", indicating the flight requisition number. The outer edge of the face of the tachometer has four small extended screw hole tabs to secure it to the cockpit dashboard. The reverse of the tachometer has an extended cogged gear wheel with a screw threaded base to attach it to the engine. The reverse of the tachometer has a small aluminum plate with black and natural aluminum script which includes, "Gerät: Drehzahlmesser ", (Equipment: Tachometer), "Baumuster: Dr.1", (Construction model: Tachometer 1), "Gewicht kg: 0,47", (Total weight: .47 kilograms), "Anforderz. Zeich. Fl: 20222-3", (Flight Requisition number: 20222-3), "Meßbereich: 600-3600", (Measurement Range: 600-3600), "Fertiggestellt: 4.39 9.39", (Manufacturing {time} Frame: April 1939-September 1939), and, "Werk Nr: 63721", (Work number: 63271). The tachometer is in overall good condition and retains about 80% of its black painted finish with numerous small scuffs and scrapes to the base alloy. The tachometer still functions. Nice aircraft instrument.

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