L001077 DR2 FLIGHT NAVIGATION COMPUTER. (Dreieckrechner 2)

BACKGROUND: The Luftwaffe utilized assorted mechanical and electrical radio directional aids, primitive radars, precision target detection equipment and flight personnel were given basic training in manual navigation and map reading. Personnel who had elected or had been chosen to become flight Observer’s undertook further blind-flight and navigational training. Along with the mechanical and electrical radio directional navigation aids the Luftwaffe also utilized two different models of manual flight navigation computers which were basically circular slide rulers to assist in navigation calculations. Of Note: The Luftwaffe used a specific Gradnetzmeldeverfahren, ({Map}, Degree Network Reference System), navigation system that was based on the Greenwich longitude/latitude degree system to pinpoint any precise location. The Luftwaffe’s Gradnetzmeldeverfahren differed slightly from the coordinate systems used by the army and the navy.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 15cm diameter, dual sided, multi-piece, molded bakelite, celluloid and tooled alloy construction, flight navigation computer. All complete. Dated for January 1941. Shows the expected age, period use and wear.

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