K024156 "U995" U-BOAT SPEED/DIRECTIONAL TELEGRAPH MACHINE. (Maschinen Telegraf für U-Boot)

BACKGROUND: Most German WWII U-Boats had two basic means of propulsion with diesel motors for use on the surface and battery powered electric motors for use when submerged. Following directions from the commander the Helmsmen in the conning tower would utilize this type of telegraph machine to transmit the required information to the engine rooms. Generally the U-boats had one diesel and one electrical motor on both the Port and Starboard sides and each side would have a corresponding telegraph machine.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 12 3/4" tall, 6" wide and 5 3/4" thick, black and white painted, tooled and brazed steel and alloy construction U-Boat telegraph machine with a roughly, 8 1/2" diameter, glass faced, control panel with a screw threaded, alloy, outer edge positioned on the lower obverse. The underlying, white base control panel has a black, red and green printed script that is divided into four sections. The sections include the black printed, "Voraus", (Forward), section with five choices consisting of, "Äuß Kraft", (Full Power), "Große Fahrt", (Three-quarter Speed), "Halbe Fahrt", (Half Speed), "Langs Fahrt", (Slow Speed) and "Kleine Fahrt", (Idle Speed). The red printed, next section entitled, "Zurück", (Reverse), also has the same five choices as the Forward section, "Äuß Kraft", "Große Fahrt", "Halbe Fahrt", "Langs Fahrt", and "Kleine Fahrt". The third, untitled, black printed section also has five choices consisting of, "Dieselmotoren", (Diesel Motor), "Achtung", (Attention), "Stopp", (Stop), "E-Maschinen", (Electric-Machine), and, "Beide Maschinen 10 weniger", (Both Machines 10 less/fewer). The fourth section has only one choice in green script with a red bordered outline, "Tauchen", (Dive). The internal control panel also has a single, movable, pointed tip, hand that would point to the appropriate current setting. The internal control panel also has the black printed, manufacturer’s name and location, "Hagenuk Kiel", and an additional red printed, abbreviations consisting of, "MT", indicating Maschinen Telegraf, (Telegraph Machine), and "Bb", indicating Backbord, (Port). The forward top section has a large, screwed on, removable alloy panel and two small screw threaded ports with corresponding nuts that are secured to the machine by small chains. Both the securing chains are broken. Presumably the large removable panel was designed to permit access to the internal components and the two small ports were intended for adding lubricants. The reverse of the machine has three, small, extended, integral tabs with small circular holes to each designed to secure the machine to the U-boat. The reverse also has a raised, central, screw threaded, circular panel designed to attach a control arm and handle but they are both absent. One side of the machine has a horizontally extended, opened, circular, conduit with internal screw threads, presumably for the electrical wires. The machine retains about 95% of it’s white over-paint while the outer edge of the control panel retains about 80%. The paints may or may not be period applied. Scarce U-boat equipment. Removed from U995 at the war end.

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