This grouping consists of five documents all related to the service of Hans Putzger. The Minesweeper award document, dated November 28, 1940 to "Stbs. Maschn. Hans Putzger" of the "Führerschiff "Möwe". The award was issued from Headquarters and has a facsimile signature for the "Kapitaen z.S. und Führer der Vorpostenverbaende West". This document has a heavy horizontal fold line to the center of the document and shows typical usage and wear. EK2 award document, dated October 31, 1940 . It bears a black ink signature by the Commander of Harbour Security Command West, Vice-Admiral Hermann Mootz. The document has a heavy horizontal fold line to the center of the document and shows usage and wear. Other documents include an award document, dated March 28, 1930 from "Obermaschinistenmaat Putzger" of the Hannover to "Maschinisten". It bears a signature and Reichsmarine office stamp of "Kapitän zur See und Kommandant" of "Kommando Linienschiff Hannover." Of Note: The Hannover was one of eight obsolete battleships permitted to serve with the Reichsmarine by the Treaty of Versailles. The last remaining documents is an agreement dated for "March 10, 1932" that he will dismissed from the Reichsmarine following the expiration of his service period on October 14, 1932 and a double sided document that lists his ranks and ships that he served on since October 15, 1920 that includes the Elsass, Schleswig-Holstein, Hannover, cruiser Arcona and the minesweeper M-134.

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