K012773 ISSUE POCKET STOP WATCH. (Taschen Stoppuhr)

BACKGROUND: Although transportation and communication are always cited as two of the most vitally important aspects of successful military operations, accurate time coordination was also of great significance. As a result of the need for accurate time keeping the German military contracted assorted watch and clock manufacturers to produce a wide variety of specialized time pieces for military usage. The Kriegsmarine issue watches were officially listed as military property and were consider as being, "on loan", to the recipient with a corresponding receipt notation entered in the individuals Soldbuch.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 55mm diameter, 12mm thick, nice quality, tooled metal alloy construction pocket stop watch with a nickel/silver plated finished housing and an inset, clear glass, face plate. The exterior top edge of the watch has a vertically extended winding/setting dial that still functions and a circular, swivel, suspension loop. The reverse of the watch is well marked with an impressed Eagle over "M", indicating Kriegsmarine issue, and a deeply stamped number "432"". The watch still functions and appears to be reasonably accurate. Getting hard to find.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $750.00

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