K011469 EM'S SPORT SHIRT. (Sporthemd)

BACKGROUND: Physical fitness of its personnel was a prime concern of the German Wehrmacht and each new recruit was issued a specific sport uniform that consisted of a pullover "tank top" style shirt, navy blue shorts and athletic shoes. Originally Kriegsmarine personnel wore a distinctive navy sports badge on their sport shirts consisting of a fouled anchor on a circular field. On May 3RD 1935 the Wehrmacht introduced a new pattern insignia to replace the earlier navy sports badge.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Stretchy, standard issue, white tricot construction, tank top style, sports shirt with vertical side seams and low, circular, boat-cut neck line. Shirt has a machine woven, M35 pattern, sport shirt eagle with out-stretched wings in blue on a woven white half-moon base. Half-moon base is machine stitched to front center of shirt. Interior neckline is lined in fine ribbed white cotton and has a small white rayon tag with machine woven owners name". Roughly a size 34" chest.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $299.00

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