K011377 BATTALION COMMANDER VEHICLE PENNANT. (Kraftwagen Kommandoflagge)

BACKGROUND: Following German Military traditions, new command flags/pennants for high ranking naval personnel were first introduced in the Third Reich era in 1934. Command flags/pennants of other commanders were introduced at a later date and followed the basic pattern of the army’s command flags. The command flags for higher ranks were usually square although triangular pennants were also used on vehicles. This particular pennant was established in 1938 with the anchor added in 1943.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A white, black, white triangular, dual sided pennant is roughly 19cm tall at the hoist edge and 31cm long through the center. The yellow stitched anchor measures approximately 12.5cm tall x 8.5cm wide at the widest point. Pennant has a horizontal row of reinforcement stitching to tip of fly end. Hoist edge has a white cotton bunting with internal, tunnel looped, aluminum suspension rod with magnetic friction clips to top and bottom edges. The pennant shows usage and wear.

GRADE *** 1/2                             PRICE $418.00

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