K010277 VEHICLE SERVICE PENNANT. (Dienstwimpel)

BACKGROUND: Following German military traditions, the Kriegsmarine introduced new rank and command flags and pennants for high ranking naval personnel in 1934 including assorted vehicle pennants. Along with the new rank and command flags and pennants was the vehicle service pennant which was introduced on November 20TH 1934 and was officially designated, "Hoheitszeichen", (National Insignia). The vehicle service pennant was authorized to be flown from the left front fender of a Kriegsmarine staff/service vehicle when an uniformed Officer or Official without a specific rank or command pennant was present in the vehicle. The introductory order also stipulated that the vehicle service pennant could be flown on the left front fender by all ranks on personally owned vehicles. Regulations in November 1936 modified the pennant with the addition of yellow edge trim and further regulations In May 1938 changed the designation from, "Hoheitszeichen" to, "Dienstwimpel", (Service Pennant), and authorization for use on privately owned vehicles stipulated the vehicle must be of German manufacture and in good condition. Considering that the Kriegsmarine was the smallest of the three branches of service, being allotted only 9% of available recruits annually and that roughly only 2% of the general German population owned a vehicle the vehicle service pennant must be relatively scarce.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 21cm tall, 32cm long, dual-sided, 1936-1945 pattern, horizontal, isosceles triangle pennant features a vertically ribbed, navy blue cotton/rayon blend base with a hand embroidered national eagle with out-stretched wings in golden yellow threads with black accent threads, to the center of each side. All but hoist edge is bordered with a roughly, 12mm wide golden yellow cotton trim which is machine stitched in place. The hoist edge has a leather bunting with a tunnel looped suspension rope (Rope has been cut). Nice example.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $595.00

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