K008074 OFFICER'S DAGGER WITH HANGERS. (Kriegsmarinedolch)

BACKGROUND: The Kriegsmarine was the last of the three branches of the German Armed Forces to adopt a Nazified dagger on January 28TH 1938. The Kriegsmarine dagger was a modified version of a traditional design that dates back to the creation of the Prussian Navy in 1848. The main modification of the Third Reich era dagger was a change in the Reichsmarine pattern "flame" shaped pommel to one featuring the national eagle with the swastika. Dress regulations for Officers and senior NCO’s prescribed wear of side arms, including the dagger, as a component of particular forms of dress. Officer and certain senior NCO ranks were responsible for purchasing their own uniforms, including side arms, and as a result were allotted a clothing allowance through the Navy’s Offizierkleiderkasse, (Officer’s Clothing Account), system. Although enlisted personnel were issued their side arms from government supplies they were also permitted to purchase privately manufactured side arms although the price may have been restrictive. When worn the dagger was accompanied by a portepee and specific hangers. Originally designed as a functional item to secure the blade sidearm to the holders wrist the portepee evolved into a purely decorative accessory and was to be worn with all Kriegsmarine Officers daggers. Regulations of May 7TH 1943 discontinued further manufacture of the portepee’s although those already issued continued to be utilized and regulations of February 25TH 1944 discontinued wear of the dagger to be replaced with a pistol until the successful conclusion of the war.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 25cm long, nickel/silver plated, drop forged steel construction, stiletto style blade with dual, narrow, central fullers to each side. Nice double etching to the blade. The blade is bright and clean and in excellent condition. Maker marked to Clemen & Jung. The dagger has a nicely detailed, fire gilt, brass construction crossguard and pommel. The crossguard features an embossed fouled anchor to both the obverse and reverse centerpieces and an ornate foliage pattern and rosette tips to the horizontal arms. The reverse centerpiece of the crossguard has an integral spring loaded locking button which is fully intact and still functions. The pommel is a likeness of the Wehrmacht style eagle with down-swept wings clutching a canted, wreathed swastika. The dagger has a nicely aged white celluloid grip mounted on a wooden sleeve with twisted, brass wire wrap still intact. The dagger comes with its original fire gilt brass construction scabbard with the standard etched lightning bolt design. The scabbard has both of the sweated on, embossed, oak-leaf patterned hanger bands with the scabbard rings and hanger loops all intact. The top throat is secured to the scabbard by two, small screws with one situated at either side near the top edge. Complete with original hangers. Nice clean dagger.

GRADE ****1/2                             PRICE $1,545.00

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