K004481 LEUTNANTíS WHITE TROPICAL UNIFORM. (Tropen Weisser Anzug neuer Art)

BACKGROUND: German Naval uniforms and headgear were based on traditional designs that date back to the creation of the Prussian Navy in 1848, and although the uniforms and headgear did evolve during the interim years, many items used during the Third Reich would still have been quite recognizable to the Imperial sailor. The German navy also had a long tradition of brown and white tropical/landing dress that was worn in hot climates with the white uniform also serving as a walking out dress. The tradition was continued through the Weimar era and in 1929 the Reichsmarine introduced new brown and white tropical/landing dress uniforms with a stand-up collars. In 1937 the Kriegsmarine introduced new style brown and white tropical uniforms with lay down collars. With the impending entrance into the North African campaign in late 1940 the Kriegsmarine developed another new tropical brown uniform independently from the Heer and Luftwaffe, but retained the 1937 pattern white uniform.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The uniform consists of a 1937 pattern, white cotton twill construction tunic and long pants. The white cotton twill construction tunic features a vertical, four button front closure with small fold back lapels and a lay down collar. The tunic has four, pleated, patch, front pockets with scalloped button down flaps. The right breast has two vertical and one horizontal thread loops to secure the gilt washed, stamped alloy national eagle. Comes with the original gilt washed aluminum breast eagle. The tunic has dual-ply, straight cut, simulated French sleeve cuffs. As is typical with this style of tunic there is no reverse tail skirt vent or belt support hook eyelets. The tunic has Leutnantís sew on shoulder boards of bright silver/aluminum braid on a white wool base. The lay down collar has the typical zig-zag reinforcement stitching to the reverse and is without collar tabs as per regulations. Nice original size markings. The buttons are all the correct gilt washed alloy type with an embossed fouled anchor on a horizontally ribbed field with a simulated twisted rope outer border. The buttons are all the removable type and all retain the majority of their gilt finish. The tunic is roughly size 34-36" chest. The tunic comes complete with a pair of ribbed white cotton twill construction, straight legged, long pants. The pants are roughly size 34" waist. Nice set.

GRADE ****1/4                                 PRICE $995.00

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