K004277 FLOTILLA/GROUP COMMAND PENNANT. (Flotillenstander)

BACKGROUND: Naval flags, Command pennants and distinctive identification pennants had a long tradition which was retained, with modifications, during the Third Reich, with most of the modified pennants being introduced in 1934. The Flotilla pennant was flown from the tip of the main mast on a vessel and indicated the Leader of a Torpedo Boat or Minesweeper was present but held a rank lower then Konteradmiral. The Group command pennant was identical to the Flotilla pennant but was flown from the starboard yardarm.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: White linen construction, triangular pennant. Pennant features a printed black Iron Cross with narrow inner white stripe border and narrow black outer stripe border to each side. Pennant has dual-ply square reinforcement panels to each corner of the hoist edge, folded over and hemmed edges and six rows of reinforcement stitching to fly end. Tunnel looped white bunting with suspension rope intact to hoist end. Bunting well marked with black inkstamped "eagle over M", designation abbreviation, "Flott. Std.", size, "150 x 210". Shows the expected age, period use and wear and has the expected holes.

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