BACKGROUND: The Großadmiral’s rank and command flag was introduced on March 8TH 1939 and followed the basic design of the Imperial Grand Admiral’s rank and command flag that had been introduced in 1901. The Großadmiral’s rank and command flag was produced in a variety of regulation dimensions depending on where it was to be flown. The size of this flag would seem to indicate it was intended for use on a vehicle.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly 28cm x 30cm, white cotton construction Großadmiral’s rank and command flag with a multi-colored, printed image. The pennant features a golden yellow Wehrmacht style national eagle with black and brown accents superimposed over multi-colored, crossed Großadmiral’s batons and a black and white bordered black Iron Cross. The Großadmiral’s batons feature blue staffs with golden yellow, brown, silver and black accents and detailing. The batons each have a golden yellow fouled anchor and a black Iron Cross within diamond shaped borders and fluted end pieces. Both sides of the flag have the same image with the eagle facing towards the hoist edge, (forward). The top, bottom and fly edges of the flag have a dual-ply hem and the hoist edge has a dual-ply white cotton bunting with a small tunnel looped suspension rope with nickel/silver plated steel friction clips to both the top and bottom corners. Of Note: Only two individuals were promoted to the rank of Großadmiral during the Third Reich with Erich Raeder achieving the rank on April 1ST 1939, which he held until his resignation on January 30TH 1943 being replaced by Karl Dönitz. Scarce rank/command flag for the highest rank in the Kriegsmarine.

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