K001780 GENERAL ADMIRAL'S VEHICLE RANK/COMMAND FLAG. (Generaladmiralflagge fŁr Kraftwagen)

BACKGROUND: Following an age old military tradition the German armed forces of the Third Reich utilized a wide variety of identifying flags and pennants to distinguish Officers and Headquarters and included specific vehicle command flags and pennants for use by Officers to be flown from the left front fender of a military or private vehicle when the Officer was present. The General admiralís rank and command flag was originally introduced on March 27TH 1933 with a smaller, vehicle command flag being introduced in 1934. Most commonly the flags/pennants were stiffened with an internal wire frame or an exterior clear celluloid cover.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The roughly 28cm x 30cm, dual sided, loosely woven, white cotton construction General Admiralís rank and command flag features a central black and white bordered, black Iron Cross with all four arms of the cross touching the outer edges of the flag and the lower hoist edge corner has dual, diagonally angled, printed, golden yellow, crossed swords with mid-brown printed accent details. The printed image is visible to both sides of the flag. The hoist end of the flag has a white cotton bunting with an inserted, tunnel looped, suspension string with a friction clip to both the top and bottom edges. Scarce high ranking Kriegsmarine General admirals vehicle command flag.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $1,495.00

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