J008963 (IJA) OFFICIALíS RETIRED SOLDIER'S BADGE. A veteransí badges centered on a white and red rosette measuring 4cm in diameter while the gilt washed alloy, shield shaped veteranís association badge measures approximately 2.5cm x 1.75cm. The front displays a fouled anchor and crossed swords on a pebbled background surmounted by a five pointed star. Dual prongs to the reverse of the badge fix it to a 3cm diameter plate, which appears to be made of brass, whose reverse has a hinged, vertical pin and catch assembly to it. Between the badge and its backing plate is sandwiched a "rosette," with a white outer edge, then a circular band of red, and finally, a white interior, decoratively folded to create a radiating effect. The rosette, which is made of either silk or rayon, is typically, age soiled, most noticeably along its edges, and the badge itself has light/moderate wear to the finish. To its reverse is a hinged, vertical pin, with a locking catch assembly near the base. Included is a two piece, light weight cardboard constructed box measuring approximately 5cm x 6.5cm x 2cm with tissue paper.

GRADE *** 1/2                             PRICE $42.00

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