J006176 CASED ORDER OF THE SACRED TREASURE, 3RD CLASS. The Order of the Sacred Treasure ("Zuihosho"), established in January of 1888, was awarded to either military or civilian personnel for long and distinguished service. It came in eight classes, of which only the lowest two could be given to enlisted personnel. It is the lowest ranked of the three main Japanese Orders. The once gold plated silver medal is in the form of a cross, with each arm comprised of five, white enameled rays. To the center of the cross is a raised, silver "mirror" against a dark blue enameled background, encircled by a raised, golden ring with beading trimming the inside of the ring. Decorating the outside are sixteen red jewels forming a stylized necklace. These are the "sacred treasures" from which the award takes its name: the "Yata" mirror, representing purity and wisdom, and the "Yasakani" jewels, which represent benevolence, obedience and affection. To the reverse, a small rivet may be seen to each arm, and stamped to the center are the four kanji characters for "Order of Merit Decoration." A ring is to the top of the uppermost arm of the cross, through which passes the ribbon’s suspension loop. Fed unto the 25mm tall loop is a 38mm wide and approximately 38cm long, watered silk neck with stripes in shades of yellow/ orange. One end of the ribbon is wrapped and sewn around a gold colored alloy sliding length adjustment buckle, the ribbon folding back upon itself and then passing through it, with an alloy push tab fed through the formed loop. The tab mates with a similarly colored alloy receiver which the other end of the ribbon is wrapped and sewn around. A 10mm diameter rosette is also included, in the same color as the ribbon and with eight orange stripes to its depressed center, and from whose reverse extends an alloy post which is connected to a blackened alloy "button. The medal and ribbon are nested into corresponding depressions to the purple silk and velvet covered interior base of its original presentation case, whose interior lid is also lined in padded, purple silk. The black lacquered wooden case has a column of gold painted kanji characters to the cover with the second character down from the top being the number "3". " A pebbled, hinged alloy closure device and corresponding stud is to its forward edge, and a wide alloy hinge is along its rear edge.

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