A wonderful group consisting of a M1889 distinctive Prussian heavy cavalry, (Kürassier), helmet. This helmet was first introduced on February 22nd 1843, and underwent modifications in 1853, 1862, 1867, 1889, 1894, and 1915, before being discontinued during WWI. This polished Iron with brass helmet has a single curve visor, neck ridge, a pair of ventilation holes at the base of the spike that measures approximately 9cm in overall length, slotted head screws and both Prussian and Nation Korkarden and the Prussian Heraldic Eagle affixed to the front. The interior liner is secured to the metal shell by four large split brads. No fingers torn. The interior is clearly marked "Fr. Schlemmer, Kaiserslautern". (The inside of the helmet shell has been repainted to stabilize and protect it against rust, as these helmets are susceptible to rusting on the interior). Also included is a set of milled steel Model 1867 cuirass with a shot proofed breast and back plate. The pieces are held together by leather straps that are overlayed with brass scales to the shoulders (35cm x 5cm) and a black leather strap that ends to the front (2cm x 48cm or 19"). Unfortunately, the strap is broken to one end. The front plate has the lining removed, showing the twisted wire that extends from one rivet to the next. The back plate is lined in white herring bone twill. The brass straps are hinged to the top of the shoulders of the black plate and correspond with a pair of raised studs to the front plate. The left hinge has a brass "C" hook that holds the bandoleer. Both plates have a 30 brass bosses.

GRADE *** 3/4                                                             PRICE $3,500.00 

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