G012963 THREE PLACE MEDAL BAR. (Groß Ordensschnalle) 

A medal bar, approximately 3.75" across, from which hangs from left to right the 1914-18 Hungarian Combatant’s Commemorative Service Medal that was instituted May 26, 1929 by Regent, Admiral Horthy. The front shows the weapon shield of Hungary surmounted by a crown with crossed swords. The reverse is engraved "Pro Deo Et Patria / 1914-1918" (for God and Fatherland 1914-1918), with a WWI helmet over "1914-1918." It is suspended from a white, red and green striped ribbon. The second award, a 1914/18 Combatant’s Cross of Honor, was instituted in July 1934 by von Hindenburg (resulting in its erroneous designation as the "Hindenburg Cross") to recognize service in WWI. It ranked beneath bravery awards but above other service and campaign awards. A 1 1/2" square, stamped steel award with a bronze wash, it takes the form of a cross Patté with a circular laurel leaf wreath to its center encompassing the dates "1914" and "1918" and with swords emanating between the cross’s arms, indicating a combatant’s award. The reverse is plain. It is suspended from its original ribbon in narrow black-white-black-red-black-white-narrow black. The Mecklenburg- Schwerin Military Merit Cross Second Class is also in the form of a cross Patté, 4.5cm square, which appears to be made entirely of brass, and which features, to its obverse, "FF" (Friedrich Franz) to its center, beneath a Prussian crown and above the date "1914." To the reverse is "Für" to the upper arm, "Auszeichnung im" across the left and right arms, and "Kriege" to the lower arm (together reading: For Distinction in-the War). Its pebbled core and smooth frame are both still relatively bright. The ribbon is light blue with narrow edge stripes of red and yellow. The grey wool backing shows some slight mothing. A very nice grouping.

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