BACKGROUND: The development of the Pickelhaube cover can be traced back to 1884 when the first covers were introduced to distinguish "enemy" units during war game and maneuvers. These original covers, designated, "Manover Kappe", (Maneuver Hood), were constructed of white fabric with the spike cover being an integral part of the cover. In early 1892 a second pattern maneuver cover was introduced with the spike cover being attached by strips of fabric to accommodate different spike heights. Both of these early covers were secured to the Pickelhaube by five stitched in metal retaining hooks with three to the front and two to the rear. These hooks were designed to slip over the front and rear visor respectively. In May 1892 the first truly camouflage Pickelhaube covers were introduced in a rush green fabric, and retained the characteristics of the second pattern maneuver cover with the separate spike cover and five retaining hooks. Complaints from the Officer Corps regarding damage caused to the Pickelhaube by the five retaining hooks resulted in an Officer’s pattern cover with a different securing system being introduced in 1893. Regulations of March 19TH 1908 dictated that both sides participating in war-games and training maneuver's were to wear the Pickelhaube cover with the "enemy" troops distinguished by the addition of a red horizontal band. Generally the red horizontal bands were removable but many officers elected to permanently affix the band to a spare Pickelhaube cover.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 1893 pattern Officer’s pattern tan cloth construction Pickelhaube cover with a machine stitched on, red horizontal maneuver band. The internal stiffening material on the inside of the attachment flaps is cracked, which is typical. But they still function to hold the cover on. Nicely "DRP" marked. Good solid example.

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