A 3 1/2" x 5 1/2", printed postcard with a colorized and re-touched photograph to its obverse of a soldier with flowers to the top of his covered Pickelhaube holding a woman in his arms while another soldier in the background shows a photograph from a letter to yet another compatriot. Above the first soldier’s head is "Auf siegreiche Heimkehr!" (To victorious Home-coming!), and to the upper right is an image of the same soldier with binoculars. Subtly added to the upper left corner are diagonal bars in the Imperial colors of black, white and red. To the reverse is a circular inkstamp reading "K.D. Feldpostexped. 88.Infanterie-Div." with a March 1916 date. Another circular inkstamp to the left of the first reads "11. Kompagnie Landwehr-Inftr.-Regt. 349." A handwritten note and address, in Sütterlin script, may also be seen. Typical age yellowing and soiling is evident, and there are several small blemishes to the reverse where it most likely had been glued into an album.

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