G001266 IMPERIAL NAVY WAR FLAG. (Kaiserliche Kriegsflagge)

BACKGROUND: The war flag was first introduced in July of 1867 by Wilhelm I. The flag went through a number of minor modifications through the years until it reached it final design format if September of 1903. The 1903 version of the Kaiserliche Kriegsflagge was used until it was abolished on the 27th of September 1919.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: A 1903 pattern Kaiserliche Kriegsflagge. The flag has a white background, upon which is printed a black cross, edged in white and then with a black border, to the center of which is an encircled, crowned eagle, in black with gold and red highlights, clutching a scepter in one talon, an orb in the other, and with a stylized "R" to its breast. To the upper division of the flag near its hoist edge is printed a black and white Iron Cross against the horizontal national tri-colors of, from top to bottom, black, white and red. (Referred to as the "Jack"). On the hoist edge, the flag still retains all of its original bunting and attachment rope. The bunting is nicely marked "Bootsflg. 1.35 x 0,80" (135cm x 80cm). Also eagle Over "M" acceptance stamping. The flag is in overall very good condition, light age toning and a few minor holes and hand sewn repairs. Great display size.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $600.00

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