G000658 CLOSE COMBAT/TRENCH KNIFE. (Nahkampfmesser)

BACKGROUND: The standard issue bayonets of WWI were found by most troops to be too long and heavy to make a good combat knife, which resulted, in 1915, in the development of smaller, lighter edged weapons for use in hand-to-hand fighting. The close combat or trench knife saw widespread use during WWI, and came in both ordnance issue and private purchase, with numerous variations.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Private purchase, officers example. Roughly, 15cm long, drop forged, steel construction blade. The blade is in overall good condition with the usual light surface scratches and some minor surface spotting. The blade manufacturer’s double logo for WKC. (Weyersberg, Kirschbaum & Co. Waffenfabrik Solingen-Wald). The knife has a nickel/silver plated alloy, crossguard with one up-swept arm. The hilt fittings all retain about 50% of their original age and usage dulled plating with small spots of wear to the base alloy. The knife has diamond grooved, molded black bakelite construction grips which are secured to the hilt by two, small, dome headed alloy rivets. The stylized eagle head pommel and stud button are all intact. The knife comes complete with its original magnetic sheet metal scabbard, which retains about 50% of its original black paint, with moderate surface scratching and spotting. The reverse top edge of the scabbard has two rivets securing a vertical leather belt loop, which has a button-hole to its reverse and a horizontal leather retaining strap with a snap closure (snap does not stay snapped closed) riveted to its forward face. Nice example.

GRADE ***3/4                             PRICE $410.00

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