G000564 ERSATZ COMBAT BAYONET. (Seitengewehr) An "ersatz" (substitute) bayonet and its scabbard, made in answer to shortages by a machine shop from stamped or cast parts. The unsheathed bayonet has an overall length of 37cm. The bayonet’s blackened steel hilt has a stud guide and locking stud, with the number "7" stamped to the top of its pommel, and "3" stamped beneath the reverse of the stud. The blackened steel cross guard has an open-topped muzzle ring extending from its top. What appears to be "3440" is stamped to the obverse of the cross guard, and a crowned letter, which appears to be a "W," is stamped to its reverse. Both the hilt and cross guard are noticeably pitted and their blackening is lightly worn to the edges. The 25cm blade, which is 26mm wide near the guard, is single-edged, with no fullers, and comes to a point with a swedge. Scabbard runner marks and light pitting is evident to the polished blade. Its blackened, sheet steel scabbard has a throat screw and a raised frog lug near its mouth, and tapers along its 27.5cm length to a ball tip. Approximately 80% of its blackening been retained, and it has sever small dents. Nice example.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $215.00

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