H35654 MG151/20 "Incendiary" SHELL. (Granate) 

BACKGROUND: The German army developed a wide variety of assorted sized ordnance ranging from the 7.65mm caliber pistol rounds to the 88mm caliber anti-aircraft/anti-tank rounds to the enormous 80cm caliber railway artillery rounds. The development and production of German army ordnance was under the supervision of the HwaA, Heereswaffenamt, (Army Ordnance Office), which was a subsection of the OKH, Oberkommando des Heeres, (High Command of the Army), and was responsible for testing, evaluation and eventual issue of all ordnance. For use in the BF109f.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 5 3/4" tall shell with a rimmed, 7/8" diameter bottom tapering up to a 5/16" diameter tip. The shell consists of a tooled steel casing with a protective copper/nickel plated finish, a yellow painted steel head and an inserted natural steel, "ZZ 1505A" percussion fuse. The casing retains about 95% of its original copper/nickel plated finished and is well marked on the bottom with an early style waffen-amt, an unknown numeral, "19 k", the manufacturers code, "wg", indicating manufacture by Hugo Schneider A.G. Werk in Altenburg, and the date, "43". The steel head retains about 90% of its original yellow paint and is also well marked with a couple of inkstamped early pattern waffen-amts, a couple of unknown marks and the manufacturers code, "edq", indicating manufacture by Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken in Lübeck. The natural steel fuse is also well marked with the impressed designation, "ZZ 1505A", an early style waffen-amt, the date, "43", and the manufactures code, "eeo", indicating manufacture by Deutsche Waffen-und Munitionsfabriken in Posen. Note, due due mailing restrictions regarding de-activated ordnance this item may only be shipped inside Canada.

Please note, due to Postal Regulations. De-activated firearms and Inert Ordnance may not be shipped outside of Canada.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $69.00

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