H25850 8CM M34 HEAVY MORTAR AMMO CASE. (Granatewerfer M34 Kasten) Development of the M34 heavy mortar began in 1932 and was based on the design of the WWI Stokes mortar. In 1934 the Rheinmetall munitions firm presented the M34 heavy mortar to the OKH, Oberkommando des Heeres, (Army High Command), who approved and accepted it as the primary infantry battalion fire support weapon. The M34 heavy mortar was manned by a three man crew and fired an 8cm caliber shell to a maximum effective range of 2400 meters. Roughly 14 1/4" x 10 7/8" x 4" nicely constructed, natural wood, ammunition case with dove tailed corner joints. The top lid has an internal wooden dowel hinge to the reverse and is secured in the closed position by a steel pressure clip situated on the obverse. The obverse of the case has two, small, nailed on vertical wooden slats which secure a rope carrying handle. The obverse of the case has remnants of a contents label. The interior of the case is also in natural wood and the internal securing frame has been removed. The interior top lid also has remnants of a contents label. The top lid is slightly warped and has a dark, oil like stain. The case was designed to contain three shells for the 8cm M34 Heavy Mortar.

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