Very interesting early Army trumpet banner. A 38cm x 48.5cm square, double sided banner with a 3.5cm long cotton fringe. To the red field are multiple layers of black thread that builds up the design of the Wehrmachtadler eagle that measures 23cm x 23cm. Details to the body, wings and face are nicely visible. Machine embroidered to the blue field, in white thread, is "AR 27". A brown leather strap and corresponding single prong buckle is to each corner along the top edge. There is a small moth hole to the red field, while the blue field has a small stain. The white twisted fringe and white edging tape shows yellowing typical of age. Rare piece, untouched since 1945.

Note from the Owner. 

"By way of background, I helped my next door neighbor uncrate a German army rifle around which he had wrapped the banner to protect the rifle from damage. My neighbor told me that as a member of the 75th Infantry Division, his unit was assigned to collect all Nazi regalia and destroy it. He snatched the trumpet banner from the pile to protect the rifle. This was just after the war ended in 1945. "

New info added Nov 20th 2017

"Noticed the A.R. 27 trumpet banner and accompanying description and request for input. I just wanted to let you know that it is definitely Artillery Regiment 27. Some months ago I saw a period picture of the A.R. 27 drummer on a horse with two kettle drums adorned with drum skirts (it was unquestionably a picture of the A.R. 27 drummer, not another unit). The eagle on the drum skirt was the same as the eagle on your banner. The A.R. on the skirt is different than yours and is more clearly an intertwined AR. However, the AR emblem on the horse blanket is the same as the one on your banner. Like yours, it almost looks like FR. But its not. Its just an oddly stylized AR."

Bob, thank you. Peter

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $14,875.00

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