H093570 HORSESHOE CASE. (Hufeisen Halter) 

BACKGROUND: Although considered highly mobilized for its time the German army still utilized a great number of horses through-out WWII with the average infantry division containing roughly five thousand horses. In 1939 the German army also had fifteen, primarily horse-mounted, Cavalry regiments that were mainly tasked with tactical reconnaissance. Even though most of the Cavalry units were mechanized by 1940 they still utilized a large number of horses through-out the war. By 1943 the Germans were experiencing fuel and vehicle shortages which resulted in an increase in the number of horses utilized in the field. One of the most basic items required for the horses were horseshoes and all mounted personnel were equipped with a specialized pair of saddlebags with one being reserved specifically for horse equipment including two spare horseshoes, a calkin (horseshoe) spanner wrench, sixteen horseshoe nails and other necessary equipment. Of Note: Besides having trained Farrier personnel each division, excluding Panzer and motorized divisions, were appointed a veterinarian company that was responsible for caring for all horses, pack mules, dogs and even carrier pigeons. The veterinarian companies were usually well equipped as the care of the animals was of utmost importance to maintain mobility. 

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: 21cm x 17cm brown leather horseshoe holder. Complete with all original straps and buckle. Rbnr# and WaA marked.

GRADE ****                                                         PRICE $75.00 (Or Best Offer)

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