H086276 CHILD'S DOUBLE DECAL TOY HELMET. (Spielzug Stahlhelm für Kinder)

BACKGROUND: Germany has long been renown for producing excellent quality toys as far back as the 16TH century with the towns of Nuremberg and Sonnenberg being the major toy manufacturing centers of western Europe of the period. In the early 1800's the Germans began to produce some of the earliest cast-iron and tin plate toys and Nuremberg had over three hundred toy manufacturers with over two hundred of them being involved in producing metal toys. The German fascination with toys continued into the 1900's and beyond some of the most popular toys were the miniature military figures and other military related items. After Hitler’s ascension to power in January 1933 the youthful innocence of military toys became sublimely corrupted to become an effective propaganda tool to stimulate interest in the military. During the Third Reich every imaginable type of military toy was produced to entice the German youths interest in the military and included assorted uniform items and helmets. This example is a miniature replica of the traditional German shaped helmet.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The light weight, stamped magnetic sheet metal construction helmet retains about a good portion of its original, smooth, parade green paint. Both original decals are complete and in decent condition. The helmet has all five, small, dome headed, liner retaining rivets and both of the separate, extended ventilation side lugs intact. The interior of the helmet has a natural tan, cardboard liner retaining band and a single piece, black cotton liner with a tunnel looped fit adjustment drawstring all intact. The helmet comes complete with a leather chinstrap with a steel length adjustment buckle. Nice untouched example.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $775.00 (Or Best Offer)

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