H079676 AFRIKAKORPS MEMBER'S PHOTO ALBUM. (Photographie Stammbuch)

A 33cm x 23cm, forty-eight page photo album with two hundred thirty-six assorted sized black and white photos. The outer cover has a woven tan covering and the front has an original "Afrikakorps" cufftitle. The cufftitle is in overall very good condition and is glued in a diagonal angle to the front cover. The interior front cover has a photo of a Feldwebel in tropical uniform. The photos are quite varied and consist of a group of scenic mountainous region photos, ancient ruins and a villa before depicting uniformed Heer and Kriegsmarine personnel on a transport ship with a couple of shots of a U-boat and escort ships. Additional photos show African tribesmen in traditional garb, local inhabitants and uniformed German and Italian personnel in both desert and city settings. Other photos depict desert scenes including sand dunes and palm trees a large port city and a series of wedding photos. A couple of photos show a soldier that appears to be back in continental Europe with a field-grey greatcoat and the tropical M41 cap. One photo shows a car with Wehrmacht licence plates and the Afrikakorps emblem of a palm tree with a canted swastika painted on the door and a couple of others show a Kubelwagen. Uniforms and headgear shown include tropical uniforms including pith helmets and M41 caps, short and long pants, tall tropical and ankle boots. Visible uniform details include cap insignia, shoulder straps and breast eagles as well as German/Italian campaign medals and the Afrikakorps cufftitles. The photos range in size from 2" x 2 7/8", to 3 3/8" x 4 3/8" with most being the smaller format. The photos are mostly still crisp and clear with minimal age yellowing.

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