H077173 FIELD BLOUSE COLLAR LINER. (Kragenbinde)

BACKGROUND: During the Weimar Reichswehr era soldiers were issued two Halsbinde, (Neck Cloths), to be worn with the collar-less issue shirt with all models of uniforms. With the introduction of the newly designed field blouse on April 1ST 1933 the neck cloths were replaced with a newly introduced collar liner. After the introduction of the new collar liners the neck cloths were relegated for wear with the drill uniforms until regulations of February 12TH 1936 discontinued further production. With the introduction of collared shirts on April 1ST 1943 the collar liners were also discontinued.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Standard issue, dual-ply collar liner has a smooth grey cotton/rayon blend exterior and a ribbed white cotton/rayon blend construction interior. The exterior of the collar liner has three, horizontal, stitched eyelets. The stitched eyelets to the exterior side were designed for the buttons that were stitched to the interior collar of the field blouse. The top edge of the collar liner is stitched closed and has slightly rounded edges, while the bottom edge remains un-stitched for ease of buttoning the collar liner to the field blouse.

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