BACKGROUND: The OKH, Oberkommando des Heeres, (High Command of the Army), and the OKW, Oberkommando der Wehrmacht, (High Command of the Armed Forces), both realized the importance of propaganda and as early as 1938 they both actively began recruiting artists, photographers and journalists who were assigned to Propaganda Companies which accompanied all three branches of service in the field. In his position as the Reichsminister, für Volkserklärung und Propaganda, (National Minister for Public Enlightenment and Propaganda), Dr. Paul Josef Goebbels assisted the Armed Forces by compiling a list of suitable artists, photographers and journalist and provided an eight week war correspondents training program for them. The artwork, photographs and reports from the Propaganda Companies were utilized to maintain morale, assist in recruitment and record the exploits of the German Armed Forces in the field. Much of the Propaganda Companies work would appear in assorted books, newspapers and magazines such as, Die Wehrmacht, Der Adler, Die Kriegsmarine and Signals.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 8" x 5 1/4", two hundred forty-two page book with a heavy weight, tan cardstock cover with the brown printed title, "Funker am Feind", (Radio Operator and the Enemy), superimposed on a "blitz" arrow. The book was compiled by a "Panzer-Nachrichtenabteilung", (Armored Signals Unit), "Unteroffizier", with contributions from assorted Propaganda Company personnel. The book was published by the, "Nachrichtentruppenabteilung im Oberkommando des Heeres, (Signals Troops Unit of the High Command of the Army), and printed by the "Wilhelm Limpert-Verlag", in Berlin in 1941. The book is divided into two main sections with numerous chapters in each section. The first chapter, entitled, "Über die Grenzen", (Over the Borders), begins on the evening of May 9TH 1940, the day prior to the German invasion of Belgium, Holland and Luxembourg. The book continues right up to the successful conclusion of the German invasion of France and examines the Signals troops role in the victory and includes the French surrender at Compi gne on June 22ND 1940. The assorted Propaganda Company contributors all give first hand, eyewitness accounts of the campaign. The book includes eight assorted maps and eighty-one black and white photographs that reinforce the text. The photographs include numerous shots of uniformed German soldiers and equipment, concentrating on Signals personnel but also includes shots of Hitler, Generalfeldmarschall Keitel and other German Generals. The book is in overall good condition with light age yellowing. 

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