H073478 SIGNALS SERVICE TRAINING MANUAL. (Nachrichten Ausbildungbuch)

BACKGROUND: Accurate intelligence and secure lines of communication are crucial elements to all armies in the field and during WWII each division in the German Army had an integral Signals unit. The Signals unit were usually of Battalion strength and generally consisted of a Headquarters Company, a Radio Company and a Telephone Company. The Signals personnel utilized a wide variety of radio receivers, field telephones and associated communications equipment in all theaters of operation. The German army went to great lengths to ensure its personnel were provided with the best in-depth training that was available at the time. The training took many forms and in an attempt to replicate the most realistic combat conditions possible the German army used live fire training exercises and found a one percent training fatality rate as acceptable, reasoning it was better to remove inadequate personnel in training as opposed to having them risk other lives in actual battle. Besides the live field training and exercises the Germans also utilized numerous official training manuals and booklets for all of the specific branches of service within the army. The official army training manuals were authorized and distributed by the H.Dv., Heeresdruckvorschriftenverwaltung, (Army Regulations Administration), under the control of the OKH, Oberkommando des Heeres, (High Command of the Army), and the OKW, Oberkommando des Wehrmacht, (High Command of the Armed Forces). Of Note: Besides the official training manuals there were also numerous semi-official and unofficial training booklets with the most famous being the Reibert series of training booklets. These semi-official and unofficial training booklets generally gained the approval of the High Command and were encouraged to stimulate interest in joining the Armed Forces.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 8" x 5 3/4", two hundred six page, Signals training manual, with a mid-weight tan cardstock cover. This example is the third edition and was compiled by a Major and a Hauptmann and was published by "Richard Schröder Verlag", in Berlin. The front cover features the black printed national eagle with outstretched wings, a uniformed and helmeted signals personnel laying cable with a backpack cable layer and the Gothic scripted title, "Der Fernsprecher und Funker hilfsbuch", (The Telephone and Radio Operators Manual). The book is divided into numerous sections and subsections covering all the basic training information and continues with more advanced information regarding Signals personnel and equipment. Also included are line drawn rank and insignia charts for all three branches of service and numerous photographs, line drawings and schematics that reinforce the text. The pages show light age yellowing and some water staining but are all intact.

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