H062374 6 X 30 POWER ISSUE FIELD BINOCULARS. (Doppelfernrohr)

BACKGROUND: The German optics industry was a world class leader in it’s field prior to WWI with the Carl Zeiss firm of Jena having developed and patented the prismatic lens system in 1894 that resulted in optics with greater fields of vision and higher magnification powers. Although the German optics industry suffered from defeat in WWI in the immediate post war years, by the mid to late 1920's it was once again a leading innovator in optic design and construction and in 1936 the Carl Zeiss firm developed the first anti-reflective lens coatings which greatly enhanced optical performance. Besides the Zeiss firm Germany also was home to some of the best optics manufacturers in the world including the Ernst Leitz and the M. Hensoldt & Söhne firms of Wetzlar and the Emil Busch firm of Rathenow among numerous others. The German Wehrmacht, (Armed Forces), used a wide variety of optical enhancement items with the 6 x 30 power, (6 power magnification with a 30mm diameter objective lens), binoculars being the standard issue optics utilized by personnel serving in all branches of military service. Although the 6 x 30 power binoculars were the standard issue optics, specialized personnel such as Artillery Observers, Reconnaissance personnel, Searchlight personnel, etc., required stronger optics and assorted, larger power, binoculars were issued to these specialized personnel on a limited basis. When issued, the binoculars came with a variety of assorted accessories which included neck straps, buttoning flaps, designed to secure the binoculars to a uniform button protective lens covers and specific protective carrying/storage cases. Army issue binoculars were originally produced with a black finish which was generally altered to ordnance tan, presumably in late 1941 or early 1942 long with some other pieces of equipment. Of Note: The tropical tan paint, was more of a yellowish shade then the standard, ordnance tan paint.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Tooled zinc and aluminum alloy construction, 6 x 30, power, binoculars. Bakelite eye socket covers are missing. Body retain 80% of its original black finish. The optics are still fairly crisp and clear. The central lens joining bracket with swivel, width adjustment is intact and still functions. The right hand side, ocular end, body panel is well marked with the impressed designation, "Dienstglas 6 x 30", (Service Glasses), a serial number, "222049" and the manufacturer’s three letter code, "ddx", indicating manufacture by Voigtländer & Sohn A.-G. of Braunschweig. The bottom edge of each of the lenses bodies have a small, raised, cut-out, bar designed to secure the carrying strap. Comes with a poor condition neck strap.

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