H061183 PANZER LEHR OBERLEUTNANT'S SERVICE UNIFORM "1936 Spanien 1939 cufftitle". (Dienstrock)

BACKGROUND: The Officer’s service tunic followed the basic design of the EM/NCO’s field blouse with the most readily visible difference, besides the insignia, being the turned up French cuffs. Officer’s were responsible for purchasing their own uniforms and were allotted a clothing allowance. Generally speaking officers bought nice quality, private purchase, uniform items but they could also choose to buy their uniforms directly from the military clothing depots. With the outbreak of the Spanish Civil War in July 1936 the Germans supported the fascist Nationalist Generalissimo Francisco Franco against the communist allied Republican party. The German support consisted of assorted field equipment and weapons, the Imker-Gruppe, (Beekeeper Group), of ground personnel which included the Drohne-Gruppe, (Drone Group), of Panzer units and a group of Luftwaffe volunteers designated as the Condor Legion. The participation in this conflict enabled the Germans to test their fledgling armed forces and by rotating personnel gave them a core of troops with actual combat experience. At the conclusion of the Spanish Civil war in April 1939 and the return of German personnel to Germany General Walther von Brauchitsch awarded a commemorative cufftitle to the ground personnel who has served with the Panzerlehr-Regiment, (Armored Demonstration Regiment), the Nachrichten-Lehr-Abteilung, (Signals Demonstartion Battalion), and the Versuchsabteilung, (Experimental Battalion). Allegedly von Brauchitsch bestowed the first cufftitles at Döberitz on June 3RD 1939 although the official introduction order wasn’t released until June 21ST 1939. The Panzerlehr-Regiment had consisted of three Battalions and it is believed that only the 1ST Battalion, were accorded the honor of wearing the cufftitle. The cufftitle was to be worn on the lower right sleeve of the dress tunic the ornamented field blouse and the greatcoat for walking-out and parade dress. Of Note: On May 30TH 1939 the Luftwaffe contingent returned to Germany from Spain and were received by Hermann Göring who bestowed the commemorative "Legion Condor" cufftitle on personnel who had served with Kampfgeschwader 53, (Bomber Wing 53), Flakregiment 9, (Anti-aircraft Regiment 9), and Luftnachrichtenregiment 3, (Air Signals Regiment 3). Interestingly as with the "1936 Spanien 1939" cufftitle, the official introductory order wasn’t issue until June 12TH 1939 after the first cufftitles had already been bestowed.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Nice quality, private purchase, field-grey wool/rayon blend construction tunic with a subtle gaberdine weave. The tunic features a vertical, six button front closure with a metal hook and eye at the neck. The second top front closure button hole has an Iron Cross 2nd class and Russian Front ribbons handstitched in place. The tunic has four, pleated, front pockets with scalloped button down flaps. The right breast has a hand embroidered breast eagle in bright silver/aluminum wire and bullion threads with green accent threads, on a cut-out, dark blue/green badge cloth base. The eagle is neatly handstitched to tunic. The left breast has awards loops for three breast badges and the right breast pocket has loops for a Spanish Cross. The straight cut, non-adjustable sleeves have deep, turned up French cuffs which are tacked into the upright position. Lower right sleeve has the "1936 Spanien 1939" cufftitle hand stitched in place. The reverse of the tunic has a central, vertical tail skirt vent. The tunic has sewn on shoulder boards of matte silver/aluminum Russian braid with a single stamped alloy rank pip and 1935 Wehrmacht pattern stylized, Gothic "L", indicating, "Lehr" to each on a pink wool waffenfarbe base. The shoulder board retaining buttons are intact. The tunic has a lay down, blue/green badge cloth collar with the typical zig-zag reinforcement stitching to the reverse. The collar features hand embroidered collar tabs in matte silver/aluminum wire threads with twisted pink rayon branch of service stripes. The collar tabs are mounted on blue/green badge cloth bases which show through as the center stripe. The collar tabs are neatly machine stitched to the collar. The interior of the tunic is fully lined in grey rayon. The buttons are all the field-grey painted, pebbled, magnetic sheet metal type. The tunic is roughly a size 38" chest. Comes with the original roughly size 30" breeches which are all complete and in untouched original condition. Nice!!

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