H059881 TROPICAL KNEE HIGH LACE UP BOOTS. (Tropen Schnürstiefel)

New info added August 19th 2019

-These examples may not be original original examples. (Mark thanks for contacting me with the info).

-Please note this item has been pulled from the sale until more accurate information can be obtained. If confirmed copies, I will add the info here and then return the boots to the consignor.

-I'll leave this link active for a few months for collectors to use as a reference.

As always, if any collectors should notice any errors on any items listed on my webpage. I would very much appreciate hearing from you so I can make the necessary corrections.

To all my friends at the WAF that contacted me, thank you for e-mailing me to let me know.

Here is a thread on the WAF about this pair


When I was originally researching them I found these two threads on the "Lago Bayern" marking.



If any collector's have any further information on these boots or this marking, please feel free to contact me.

Warmest Regards

Peter Whamond

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