H056270 ABDOMEN/KIDNEY WARMER. (Leibbinde) 

BACKGROUND: After the winter of 1941 on the Russian front the OKH, Oberkommando des Heeres, (High Command of the Army), saw the need for heavier winter clothing and testing began in the spring of 1942 to develop suitable garments. In April 1942 Hitler approved the design of a winter suit and the first models were issued in the autumn of that year. Although the new winter suits were a welcome respite from the cold of the Russian winters numerous other additional warmth protection garments continued to be developed and issued including the abdomen/kidney warmer. The abdomen/kidney warmers were worn beneath the underwear and next to the skin which resulted in them being not so affectionately referred to as the, Lausgürtel, (Louse girdle). As with other winter clothing items the abdomen/kidney warmers were issued in the autumn with and were to be return to the units clothing depot in the spring for storage. The abdomen/kidney warmers saw widespread usage on the Russian front. 

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The woven, dual-ply, white wool construction, belt like, abdomen/kidney warmer is roughly 125cm long with an, 25cm wide, horizontally oval central section tapering down to roughly, 9cm wide end sections. The central horizontally oval section has four square rows of reinforcement stitching and all the outside edges have dual rows of reinforcement stitching. The tapered end sections each have long wool tie tape to each end. One side of the central horizontally oval section has a small vertical slash. One end of the warmer would be inserted through the small vertical slash and the warmer would be wrapped around the wearers body and the tie tapes would be tied in the reverse. The warmer is in overall very good condition with light age toning. Unmarked example. Scarce winter clothing accessory.

GRADE ****1/4                             PRICE $90.00

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