H053481 COMBAT ENGINEER’S EXPLOSIVE DETONATOR BOX. (Büsche für Sprengekapseln)

BACKGROUND: Combat Pioniers, (Engineers), were issued assorted specialized equipment designed to meet their needs as the spearhead troops tasked with destroying enemy obstacles and creating forward defensive positions for their own troops. Along with the engineer’s assault packs, long handle shovels, picks and axes and explosive tool kits the engineers were also equipped with a wide variety of explosive charges, mines and the appropriate detonators.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 9.5cm x 6cm x 3cm, two piece, natural tan cardboard box with a tan wax paper covering housing a natural hardwood detonator case. The removable, friction fit, top of the box has a glued on, white paper label with black printed script that includes the contents, "15 Sprengkapseln Nr.8", (15 Detonators {Model} number 8). Box has an additional glued on off-white paper label with black printed opening instructions, "Schnurende vorziehen und mit Schnur aufreißen!", (Pull the end of the string forward and tear open). The string has been removed. The carved natural hardwood detonator case has a slotted top with an inset, carved, removable, slidable lid with a dove-tailed bottom edge. Removing the lid reveals fifteen small drilled circular holes for inserting the detonators. The now inert detonators are present.

Please note, due to Postal Regulations. De-activated firearms and Inert Ordnance may not be shipped outside of Canada.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $336.00

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