BACKGROUND: The M43 field blouse was basically a continuation of the modifications of the M33 field blouse which had evolved into the M36, the M40 and the M42 field blouses. Modifications to the M42 field blouse included the elimination of the separate, internal, belt support hook suspenders with them being replaced by short, integral straps in April 1943, and the replacement of the scalloped button flaps on the front pockets to straight flaps to simplify production in mid-1943. These alterations resulted in the M43 field blouse, which was to be the final variant of the original M33 field blouse.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Field-grey, wool/rayon blend construction, issue M43 field blouse features a vertical, six button front closure with a single metal hook and eye positioned at the neckline. Breast eagle, collar tabs and chevron are all hand stitched to the tunic. Slip on Artillery straps with rayon piping. Buttons all look to be mostly original stitching. Chest size is roughly 34". This example has been modified by having had the field-grey collar replaced with the earlier blue/green collar and the alteration appears to have been period applied. Of Note: The early blue/green collars were quite popular as they provided a nice contrast to the field-grey of the field blouses and personnel wearing the blue/green collars were generally viewed with more prestige as being long serving, experienced personnel. Nice combat tunic which looks to have seen some period service and use.

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