BACKGROUND: The German army went to great lengths to ensure its personnel were provided with the best in-depth training that was available at the time. The training took many forms and in an attempt to replicate the most realistic combat conditions possible the German army used live fire training exercises and found a one percent training fatality rate as acceptable, reasoning it was better to remove inadequate personnel in training as opposed to having them risk other lives in actual battle. In 1932 the Weimar era Reichswehr introduced a two color, reversible, battle training maneuver helmet band for wear by participants in simulated battles and maneuvers. The helmet bands were red on one side to indicate the attacking force and yellow on the other side to indicate personnel put out of action. The M32 helmet bands were secured to the M16 and M18 style helmets by a single buckle to the reverse and the ventilation/face plate lugs of the helmets also assisted in securing the helmet band in place. With the introduction of the M35 helmets, (June 1935), without the extended ventilation/face plate lugs a new helmet band was designed and introduced on July 2ND 1936. The M36 helmet band was basically the same as its predecessor but utilized a different securing system to compensate for the lack of the extended lugs on the M35 helmets. Of Note: Personnel acting as umpires during battle and training maneuvers were issued with a plain white band which would fit on most headgear to distinguish themselves from the participants.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Second pattern, (July 1936), reversible, red/yellow, woven cotton/rayon blend construction, M36 helmet band is roughly, 38mm wide and 60cm long. The helmet band has three, evenly spaced, short, extended, grey rayon straps to the bottom edge with a stitched on, magnetic sheet metal retaining hook to each, designed to secure the band to the bottom edge of the helmet. The helmet band shows age and usage toning.

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