H049362 7.65MM PISTOL HOLSTER. (Pistolentaschen 7.65mm)

BACKGROUND: Shortages in the standard issue P08, (Luger), and the P38 pistols resulted in the Germany army contracting assorted manufacturers to produce commercial and police model pistols for use by armed forces personnel. This resulted in a wide variety of assorted pistols being issued including various Mauser, Sauer and Walther 7.65mm caliber pistols. Generally these supplementary pistols and holsters were only issued in limited quantities although personnel who had owned a privately purchased pistol could usually obtain permission to carry it in the field.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Smooth, molded, black leather construction, 7.65mm caliber pistol holster features a rounded, forward edge, fold over, top flap with a steel stud position on the front center. The left hand side of the holster body has a fold back panel with a stitched on, vertical, closure strap with a single cut-out eyelet, designed to attach to the steel stud on the top fold over flap. The right side of the holster body has a vertical, stitched on extra magazine pocket. The reverse of the holster has a single, wide, stitched on, vertical belt loop. Unmarked. The holster is in overall very good condition showing normal period use and wear.

GRADE ****                             PRICE $100.00

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