BACKGROUND: A ground field telephone that required no battery. Voltage was generated by turning the crank to the side of the case. This high voltage hand generator and high power microphone of this model telephone was considered to be "unsecured" as it causes some current to leak into the ground from the broken wire. Ghosting was also a problem.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The roughly, 22cm tall, 27cm wide, 9cm thick, molded, mottled brown bakelite construction telephone housing case has a fold back top lid with a screwed on, magnetic sheet metal, horizontal bar hinge to the reverse and a screwed on, magnetic sheet metal, panel with an inset pressure closure clip to the obverse. The top edge of the case has two small panels rivetted in place with a white writing panel to the left and a white bakelite panel with black printed phonetic and pronunciation code to the right. One end of the case there is an additional small, rivetted on, tear drop shaped, swivel, magnetic sheet metal dust cover which protects the induction magneto crank handle connection. The alloy and bakelite crank handle is included. The interior of the top lid has the printed circuit schematic diagrams and a central, magnetic sheet metal, pressure leaf spring panel to secure the headphones and microphone in place. The lid is marked "24aC2601-1" and "10192/1". The small plate to the interior shows the manufacture name of "Siemens Apparate u. Maschinen" with the type being "11 Rel. trgb. 9a" and a date of 1940. The microphone has torn away from the double prong jack, but it is included. The headset is complete with the rubber ear-cups, the rubber is still supple. The rubber coated wiring is also fully intact that leads to the three prong jack. RARE.

GRADE *** 1/2                             PRICE $500.00

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