H048668 MG34/42 SPARE BARREL CARRIER. (Laufschützer)

BACKGROUND: Among other restrictions, the Treaty of Versailles banned Germany from developing any type of general purpose machine gun. To circumvent this, German development of an all purpose machine gun was secretly being done in Switzerland in the early 1930's. By 1934 designer Louis Stange of the Rheinmetall armaments factory had made improvements to the secret machine gun developed in Switzerland and the MG34 was introduced as an all purpose selective fire weapon. In spite of the relatively high production cost the MG34 was accepted by the Wehrmacht Ordnance department and deliveries of the MG34 began in 1936. Due to its high cyclical rate of fire of up to nine hundred rounds per minute the MG34 had the capability of actually melting its barrel and was designed with a quickly detachable barrel and came equipped with replacement barrels and specific spare barrel carrying cases. The spare barrel carriers for the MG34 came in at least two models with one designed to carry a single spare barrel and another model to carry two spare barrels. Of Note: In 1937 due to the high cost and manufacturing time of the MG34 development began on another general purpose machine gun which utilized stamped and pressed components making it cheaper and quicker to produce. Further developments, resulted in the introduction of the MG42 general purpose machine gun in late 1941. The original two models of MG34 spare barrel carriers would not accommodate the MG42 barrel although a third model was introduced that could be utilized with either MG barrel.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: Roughly, 63.5cm long, 5cm diameter, cylindrical, magnetic sheet metal construction spare barrel carrier for the MG42. The carrier has a staggered hinge with an internal retaining rod to the reverse and a riveted and brazed on swivel, hinged, locking clip to the center of the obverse. The obverse opening has staggered, overlapping, scalloped edges. Each end of the carrier has a small brazed on metal loop for securing a carrying strap. The woven olive drab canvas web carrying strap with a sliding sheet metal length adjustment buckle is intact. The carrying strap is folded over and sewn to each of the metal securing loops. The interior of the carrier has two, small, spot welded on, semi-circular cut-out panels and a single extruding tab to the other end to secure the barrel in place. One of the exterior ends of the carrier is well marked "Lauf Schützer 43" and "brc 43". 

GRADE *** 1/4                             PRICE $315.00

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