H047580 MODEL "C" THROAT MICROPHONE. (Kehlkopfmikrofon)

BACKGROUND: Accurate intelligence and secure lines of communication are crucial elements to all armies in the field and during WWII each division in the German Army had an integral Signals unit. The Signals unit were usually of Battalion strength and generally consisted of a Headquarters Company, a Radio Company and a Telephone Company. The Signals personnel utilized a wide variety of radio receivers, field telephones and associated communications equipment in all theaters of operation. One of the typical pieces of communications equipment was the dual throat, (larynx), microphone set which came in a variety of slightly different models for use with specific communications equipment. This example is the model "c", throat (larynx) microphone set as most commonly used in armored vehicles and field radios.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The set consists of dual, roughly, 30mm diameter, molded dark brown and black bakelite construction microphones attached by a black leather wrapped, adjustable, magnetic sheet metal "neck set". The bottom edge of both of the microphones has an attached, woven, black fabric wrapped, connection wire which runs to a roughly a molded black bakelite activation control switch housing. The obverse of the control switch housing has a single, dual position button with each position marked with an impressed white letter, with "E" indicating, Empfang, (Receive), to one position and "S" indicating, Senden, (Transmit), to the other position. The reverse of the control switch housing has a spring loaded, magnetic sheet metal, attachment clip enabling the operator to attach it to the front of the tunic. The reverse of the housing is well marked with an unknown embossed designation abbreviation in an oval recess, "Sp.S. c1". The bottom edge of the control switch housing has a single, woven, black fabric wrapped, connection wire which is inserted into a black painted aluminum plug housing with a triple pronged plug. The plug wire has a small sheet metal clip attached with impressed designation abbreviation, "Kmf. c", indicating, Kehlkopfmikrofon {Model} "c", (Larynx Microphone {Model} c).

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