H046475 MORSE CODE TELEGRAPH KEY. (Morseschrift Telegraphieren Schlüssel)

BACKGROUND: Accurate intelligence and secure lines of communication are crucial elements to all armies in the field and during WWII each division in the German Army had an integral Signals unit. The Signals unit were usually of Battalion strength and generally consisted of a Headquarters Company, a Radio Company and a Telephone Company. The Signals personnel utilized a wide variety of radio receivers, field telephones and associated communications equipment in all theaters of operation. One of the common pieces of communications equipment was a Morse code telegraph key which came in at least three slightly different models. The Morse code telegraph key could be used in conjunction with most German field radios. The main advantage of telegraph signals was that the field radios could transmit them roughly twice the distance further then voice signals.

PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION: The telegraph key consists of a roughly, 8.5cm long, 52mm wide, 4cm tall, molded black bakelite housing screwed to a roughly, 16cm long, 8.5cm natural, magnetic sheet metal base plate. The bakelite housing has a fold back top lid with an internal staggered horizontal bar hinge to one end. The top edge of the fold back top lid is well marked with an embossed "Blitz" arrow ,an unknown abbreviation, "Ta.P", which may be the model and script, "Vor dem Öffnen Stecker herausziehen", (Unplug before opening), on a cross hatched background. The other end of the bakelite housing has a vertically rectangular cut-out to accommodate the horizontally extended black bakelite and sheet metal activation key panel. One side of the top lid housing has an additional horizontally rectangular cut-out to accommodate the electrical cord. The rubberized black electrical cord has a molded black bakelite plug housing and both brass prongs are intact. The housing lid opens to reveal the adjustable, swivel hinged, sheet metal, alloy and bakelite telegraph key components. All the components are intact and the key still functions. The interior of the top lid and the electrical cord retainer are well marked with the embossed, stylized DIN, Deutsche Industrie Norm, (German Industry Standard), logo. The telegraph key is in overall very good condition with all the components intact although the sheet metal base plate shows light to moderate surface spotting.

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